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Worship loops to help worship teams improve their sound

New to song loops? Check out this overview video.

Our Mp3 Worship Loops are Easy To Use - No Software Required

It's possible you have heard or read about using worship loops before. The problem is that to use most worship loops, you must also have expensive new software and then set it up on your computer. Unless you're really technical and have sound engineering experience, you might be at it for a while!

You don't need any new software to use our high-quality MP3 worship loop library of crisp drums, rich synths, and catchy rhythmic patterns which allow you to emulate many popular worship band styles. All you need is an mp3 player, like an iPod or iPad. You could even use your laptop!

Our worship loops are just $2.99 each, with our library offering lots of sweet sounds:

  • 70+ rich Drum and Percussion Loops, perfect for complementing (or replacing) your rhythm section
  • 130+ quality Rhythmic Synth Loops, great as multi-purpose intros, song textures, and rhythm backbones
  • 20+ soothing Synth Pads, which serve as great song transitions and reflection moments
  • 130+ energetic Buildup Loops, perfect for song intros
  • Bring your tired songs back to life with our quality song loops
  • Fatten your sound with our diverse mix of reflective pads, engaging synths, and rich drums
  • Create new song intros, bridges, and endings with our energetic sounds


  • Easy enough to incorporate into your music set THIS Sunday. No technical expertise required!
  • Our crystal-clear mp3 loops come in multiple BPMs and song keys for any context
  • All loops have been mixed and mastered for worship teams large and small

I don't think my church has PayPal. What do I do?

Doesn't matter. You can still purchase with or without a PayPal account.

Are your worship loops created for specific worship songs?

No. We wanted to give you a diverse library of sounds with multiple tempos and keys that you can use for any context instead of just for one song. Why get boxed in?

Are your loops meant to replace instruments in my worship team?

Our loops are meant to complement and fatten your team's sound with your existing band - but it's really up to you how you use them. Get creative and do something fun!

How do I use them?

All of our worship loops are downloadable in mp3 format for use in an mp3 player or laptop. All you need is a direct box!

Can I share these with my worship leader friends?

Nope. Your license grants you the rights to download and use our loops in a live setting only (one account per church campus/site.) Please don't bootleg our loops!

Can I use these worship loops in my next recording/live album/video/media project?

Please contact us to purchase extended licenses for your recording/live album/video/media project.

Can you make custom loops for my next recording/live album/video/media project?

Please contact us to get a quote for your next recording/live album/video/media project.