The Next Generation in Loop Technology is Here: Announcing WorshipMindLoops

April Fools! This was our post for April Fools, 2013. Read on for the 'future' of Worship Technology. Because, who really wants to have to talk to their band? Shouldn't they just be able to read your mind? Sheesh..

We have talked to worship leaders all around the world and have heard about this problem time and time again. Finally, we have been able to solve this issue that every worship team faces EVERY week: getting your band to play EXACTLY what you want them to play, without having to tell them.

Introducing, WorshipMindLoops!

"WorshipMindLoops have been a game changer for my ministry. No longer do I have to print out music, plan the set list, or even rehearse. All I do is plug in my mp3 player, hit play, and my band sounds great. They've never sounded better!" —Paul Baloche 




"My next live album will feature WorshipMindLoops almost exclusively. I'm just plain tired of having to tell my band what to play, and how to play it. Now I can completely concentrate on leading worship without having to worry if my band will miss a cue. Can't wait to release this worldwide!" —Chris Tomlin



"We all know that an uplifting worship experience requires that the band can't play ANY wrong notes, 'cuz that's just not right. We have been trying out WorshipMindLoops and can't wait to use them at our next event. Stoked!" —J.D. Douglass of Hillsong United




"My church's Worship Pastor just started using WorshipMindLoops, and I have to say, the worship has never been as good as it is now. Everyone knows worship is better when it's formulaic and predictable. Totally gonna invite some friends to the next concert!" —Jessica H., discerning hip churchgoer




How does it work?

We have taken some of the most popular and frequently used worship chord progressions (there are 2), layered in some of the most popular guitar, bass, and drum sounds, and exported them into every song key and BPM. Now, Worship Leader, all you need is your acoustic guitar, your mp3 player, and an un-rehearsed group of musicians to produce a quality sounding worship set every week, no rehearsal required!

  • Our library of 2,000 loops enable any worship leader to simply plug-in, and worship, no rehearsal or music printing required
  • Each band member needs our MindPlug adapter, sold separately and can be found at your local music electronics distributor
  • Now you can pull off a great sounding worship set with absolutely NO communication from the front microphone – almost as if the whole band can read your mind!

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Please note: WorshipMindLoops is not legal in all countries. Please check with your local mind augmentation department in your state to confirm.