Worship Leader Q & A with Austin Smith

By Rachel Gall, Contributor

At WorshipSongLoops we wanted to get the perspective of professional worship leaders around the country about various issues concerning worship. So far, we've got some fantastic feedback!

Our first post features Worship Pastor Austin Smith of CrossPointe Church in Orlando, Florida.

Q: What is your aspiration for the worship experience?

“Since I believe our greatest responsibility as worship leaders is redirecting worship to Jesus, then the way I begin in preparation for worship sounds like a cheesy Sunday School answer: I spend time with Jesus. No worship leader can lead anyone where they have not been, and no worship leader can fake genuine relationship with Christ. My prayer every week is that people would meet Jesus. He, through the work of the Holy Spirit, is the only One that has the power to change people's lives. I really don't want people to have a worship experience at all. I want them to have a Jesus experience, and if I can help accurately redirect people's worship to Jesus and they see Him for who He really is, the only response will be worship in the presence of an amazing, awesome God.”

Austin Smith, Worship Pastor at CrossPointe Church, Orlando, FL – www.xpointe.com – Austin’s blog: www.wearemadetoworship.com – Twitter: @austinsmith520

Check back for more Q & A's with different worship leaders at churches around the country.

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